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Colleen Kelley

Experience meaningful change with a straightforward therapist who truly gets you.  Individual, couples counseling and sex therapy in Seattle and Washington state.

You are working hard.

Shouldn’t life be better by now?

Have you ever felt...

You’ve been on a lifelong track.  The payoff isn’t what you hoped for.

You fix EVERYTHING but the world just keeps breaking.  At home, you crave connection, intimacy and true partnership.

Life has you overwhelmed and the next crisis might just be too much.

A picture of Colleen Kelley, LMHC, psychotherapist

Hello, I’m Colleen Kelley.  


You care for others, but who cares for you?  I do.  


I care for you, your relationships and your happiness.


For nearly thirty years, I’ve supported hard driving professionals, couples and those who simply feel overwhelmed.  Let’s talk about the demands of your career and life.  Let’s talk about connection and intimacy.  Let’s talk about gaining more confidence and personal boundaries.  


Nothing is off limits in our work together.  I make the uncomfortable, comfortable. 


Together, we can achieve meaningful change through straightforward conversation, deepening awareness, and the occasional touch of humor.  


I get you.  I can help.

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My Specialties are...

Therapy for Women Professionals in Health Care

Restore Purpose

Find Balance

Enjoy Life Again

Relationship Counseling and Sex Therapy

Rekindle Desire

Rebuild Your Partnership

AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

Therapy for Anxiety & Depression

Reroute Your Life

Find Hope


What are the next steps?

Consult:  Set up a free 15 minute phone call.

Connect:  Ask me any questions and tell me what

     brings you to therapy.   

Change: Together will work on lasting change. 

​Gain clarity, peace, and greater confidence in yourself.
Deepen closeness and intimacy in your relationship.

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